SAIL • Cambridge Grand Opening 2014

SAIL The Canadian Outdoors Superstore is the Quebec-based retail leader in outdoor equipment and fashion. SAIL was opening its 6th store in Cambridge and it was a first distinct new market for them since opening in the GTA in 2012.

My role as Art Director was to develop this campaign into the print medium. This included Print Ads, Custom Out-of-Home, a special OHL Hockey in-game partnership promotion and Tactical media all to run simultaneously as the TV spots were taking place.

The results were an overwhelming success with over 500 people in line before the store opened and over 1000 people in by 9:45am. This launch made for their best Ontario store opening to date.

Client: Top Drawer Creative Inc. Note: The work featured here is under copyright protection and ownership of the client.
DISCLAIMER: Any offers reflected directly or indirectly in the creative & videos on this site are not valid in-store or online nor are they a reflection on or responsibility of our client, SAIL.



Top Drawer Creative


September 14, 2015 8:15 pm


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